GDPR has landed. So?

9:50-10:20, Raked Lecture Theatre

On 25th May the GDPR, the EU’s new data law, came into force. It’s come with dire warnings of multi-million pound fines and rigorous compliance standards, at a time when high profile data breaches stalk the headlines. Is this really the data Armageddon? We explain why we don’t think so. We show how the GDPR is about fundamental business change, rather than compliance. We explain the data audit, data processes and data transparency which businesses will now need to show - and we suggest how the canny developer may use the GDPR to help customers in restructuring their apps, management systems and infrastructure supply. In particular, we focus on the GDPR’s Holy Grail of “privacy by design” - and we’ll issue a challenge to delegates to show how they can demonstrate privacy by design as part of their work in such a way as to make NI a leader in GDPR excellence.