Speaker Information


Before the day

If you are doing a live demo that needs an internet connection bring a 4G dongle or setup your phone in hotspot mode. We have presenter WiFi codes from QUB but cannot guarantee uptime or quality. For general use, there is WiFi from the Cloud, but bear in mind it is available for 4h/email and may have significant attendee traffic.

Backup Recommendations

  • Laptop: Check that your presentation works on your laptop, if you are bringing one
  • USB: Bring your presentation on a FAT32/NTFS USB drive, in case your laptop does not work with the presentation equipment
  • PDF: A copy of your presentation exported as a PDF. This is in case your presentation does not work, your laptop does not work with the presentation equipment or we do not have the software on the QUB's Windows-based presenter workstations to run your presentation (these have Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Ports: Bring any X-to-HDMI connectors you need e.g USB-C to HDMI connector, HDMI to VGA connector. Please bear in mind that some rooms (Lightning, Conference and Raked) will not have HD-compatible projectors - while we can provide some HDMI-VGA connectors, please bear in mind that the available resolution may be relatively low

General Prep

  • Pre-events: Get to speaker events on May 30 and Jun 6, if you can!
  • Audio/Internet: If you have any requirements around audio or internet, please check in with us before Saturday if you can, so we make sure that's anticipated and checked where necessary
  • Timing: We recommend doing a test run with someone for feedback and to make sure you'll reach your final slides during the available time! Room MCs will be asked to keep presenters strictly to time
  • Feedback: If you want joind.in feedback, let us know at inbox@nidevconf.com (subject line "Feedback on joind.in"). We can mark this with an "L", if you ask, so commenters recognise you are starting out
  • Equipment: Let us know if you will use your laptop or need one (and which OS). Unless we confirm in advance, we cannot guarantee availability, although basic QUB Windows machines are already connected to the presentation equipment
  • Social Media: Include any links to your Twitter / professional networks
  • Accessibility: Put some thought into making your presentation accessible

On the day

Please bear in mind we have room, for the induction loop, and AV recording equipment. Unfortunately, if you wish to be recorded, this means we will have two mics and you will need to present from the lectern, rather than roaming. If presenting as a pair, please make sure you swap places by the microphones when speaking.

Before leaving home, make sure you have charged batteries on all your equipment. A socket should be available at each lectern, but if you may need multiple, please let us know in advance.

You are welcome to use the Green Room (see map) to prepare during the day. We recommend that you arrive well in advance of your talk if you need to use sockets there, in case of contention.

Lightning (5-10min)

  • Anticipate: Get to the room early and keep an eye on the progress, as lightning talk start timing is not 100% guaranteed!
  • Timing: If the MC needs to stand up signal you have run out of time, please finish as succinctly as possible
  • Open Space: Please note that we do not include time for questions - we recommend you take any questions outside, or add a session to the Open Space

Full Talks (up to 30min)

  • Contact: Check in with your MC earlier in day (listed below)
  • Confirm: Check your presentation is working
  • Anticipate: Get to room at least 5min before your talk (10min if you haven't already seen MC!)
  • Timing: Watch for MC signalling that you are getting close to time
  • Desisting: If the MC needs to stand up signal you have run out of time, please finish as succinctly as possible
  • Follow-up: Do not feel under pressure to take questions, and ask to take them outside, if preferred -- for further discussion, we recommend using the Open Space (details in the Atrium)
  • Questions: If desired, you should include time for questions during your 30min slot
  • Switchover: Allow a quick interstitial-slides swapover, by unplugging your laptop quickly

To find your MCs, if you do not know them to recognize, please check with us at the Info Desk, or they should be around the session room for 30-40min before the stat of their morning/afternoon tracks. Each room will also have a room monitor who will also be able to help you.

  • LR1 [aka Room 0]
    • Morning: Glenn Russell
    • Afternoon: Gareth Fleming
  • LR3 [aka Room 1]
    • Morning: Keith Maxwell
    • Afternoon: Steven McCullough
  • Conference [aka Room 2]
    • Morning: Pawel Niemiec
    • Afternoon: Angie McKeown
  • Raked [aka Room 3]
    • Morning: Heather McNamee
    • Afternoon: Maurice Kelly
  • Lightning
    • Morning: Jonny McCullagh


Each room will have an MC and a room monitor - please introduce yourself to the MC in your room earlier than your slot, so they can recognise you, and please arrive early in the 10 minute break before your slot to get set up.

You have 30 mins to present, and may include questions in that if desired. Certain rooms are more focused on accessible talks, where the MC will assume you do not plan to take questions unless you ask. Please check your timing to ensure you can finish on time - we have a lot of people changing places in a short space of time, so precise timing will keep the event safe and enjoyable.