Please note that we have now confirmed final numbers with the childcare providers and will be unable to provide facilities for any children not already booked.

Children are of course be welcome to attend free of charge.

Opening Hours

Childcare is available from 9am to 6:30pm


Child care is being provided by MK Wedding Childcare Ltd. All staff are registered childminders and have the appropriate qualifications as per regulations in Northern Ireland - Main Contact is Patricia 07955882928 (

They will be doing a number of activities with the children to cover the age range, including crafts, walks and games outside if the weather is suitable. If your child (particularly the older ones) have their own activities such as books, laptop etc they want to work on they are welcome to use it. Public wifi will be available. However the NI Dev Conf committee and MK Wedding Childcare Ltd do not take responsibility for the care of or any damage that is caused to any personal belongings that children or carers bring with them.

Parent Carparking

We have reserved spaces for parents and children in the car park adjacent to the right hand side of the main building, as it is closest to the lifts to bring you to the first floor where the rooms for childcare will be. There is disabled access to the buildings through the conference centre entrance.


Feel free to leave your child in childcare before registering for the conference. Upon arrival you will be asked by the childcare staff to fill out an information form. (This information will be destroyed after the event).


A crèche, a room for older children and lounge area will be available on the 1st floor for the childcare with toilets close by. Parents are welcome to visit their children throughout the course of the day. Please note no conference talks are located on this floor, only childcare.

Breastfeeding and baby bottles

Breastfeeding is welcome throughout the entire Riddel Hall building including in the lecture theatres. There is also another room available if someone would prefer somewhere more private. Hot water will also be located in the lounge for babies bottles.


Food will be provided in the rooms for the children and the carers, water will be available throughout the day. Schedule is as follows:

  • 10am: toast and fresh fruit, milk/water to drink
  • 12:30pm: lunch same time as everyone else - sandwiches - plain like ham and cheese, chicken etc, mixture of white and brown bread, crisps, milk and water to drink
  • 15:30pm: afternoon snack same time as everyone else scones, plain biscuits, may have few tray bakes for older children, fresh fruit
  • 5pm - supper - more sandwiches
Please feel free to provide additional snacks, drinks and food for your child if you think they would prefer that

Kit list

Please bring the following :

  • any specific snacks or drinks that you think you child will need that is not listed above
  • appropriate weather clothing - suncream & sun hat or rain coat
  • buggy or pram if your child would require this for walks
  • Nappy changing supplies, if child needs it
  • Formula Milk and bottles if child requires it
  • change of clothes
  • if suitable, their own activities they wish to work on
  • i.e normal stuff they would bring to nursery or childminder

If you have any specific questions, please let us know at