Project Space

What you need

Just a ticket:


We would like to help attendees show off their personal projects. Maybe you want people to test it, to get involved in your projects or you just want to show off.


The project space is available from 9am to 1pm on the day of the conference. After that the use of the room changes.

Types of Projects

  • Mobile/Tablet Games
  • Hardware Projects
  • IoT Projects
  • VR/AR applications
  • Some thing you think is cool

Equipment provided

We only provide the following. You must bring the necessary equipment to showcase your project.

  • Trestle tables
  • Power Extension lead connection
  • 1 projector for the room. Must be shared with other exhibitors.


Let us know you are going to use the project space by clicking the "Contact Us" link above. This is to measure if we need manage the space. If 100 people want to use it then it needs to be managed. If 15 people want to use it then there is no need to manage the space.

See you there!