The Northern Ireland Developer Conference Exhibition Area

On the day

Arrival Times: From 8am onwards

Departure Times: From 5pm onwards

You are located in the main area of the conference. This is where all catering is served for the day and the main meeting point. This area will have a lot of foot fall especially around lunch time and the afternoon snack.

Equipment available

We advise to bring your own pull up banners to decorate your exhibition area. Each stand has the following:

  • Trestle table
  • Power Extension lead connection

Exhibitors layout

Here is the layout on the day. There are 3 entrances to the main area.

Ideas for attracting developers

  • Have them sign up for a competition. We can announce it at the opening and closing parts of the day. You can tweet about it and we retweet from our account.
  • Code Challenge: Give them code on a page. See if they can find all the things wrong with it
  • VR/AR experience with a product you are developing
  • Screen with an interactive program like chatbots / games / blockchain / AI etc.
  • Your own great ideas :)

Frequently Asked Questions

None at the moment!

Pictures of the Exhbitors area

We visited the main area when there were exhibitors present for another conference. Here are some pictures.

See you there!