The NIDC Team


Blame should be addressed here.

Artemiy Kondratiev

Artemiy, better known as Art, invests much of his time into peer-sourced education through his work with Code Co-Op in Farset Labs. He values open knowledge and dedication to reaching mastery. One day, he will finally read The Art of Programming.

Joan McAleer

Joan works at Deloitte Digital leading the Product development team in Belfast for Deloitte Ventures, currently coding in .NET core and Angular 2 with previous experience in Java, Integration technologies and SQL. Before becoming a mammy was a keen kayaker and mountaineer though more focused on TV shows now.

Mark Allan

Mark has learnt from a lot of mistakes, the greatest of which was to start up a developer conference. He started coding on an ICL mainframe in the mid-70’s, but these days his happy place is reactive UIs with serverless cloud back-ends.

Martin Naughton

Martin is a software contractor with a keen interest in personal development and continuous learning.

Phil Weir

Phil is focused on open technology, open source and open data, as a tool to transform business and society, through efficiency and interlinking. Phil has development experience in web technologies and numerical simulation, primarily with backend services, alongside cloud (AWS) and systems administration.