Confidence through Design: Helping users defeat hackers

16:40-17:10, Conference Room 1

In today’s world security breaches are a seemingly everyday occurrence. We are constantly being bombarded with news reports on data breaches, warnings about your connected devices spying on you, and anyone who has an email address receiving phishing emails which (for the most part) seem to be getting a little too realistic as time passes. Depending on your knowledge of IT and how to be secure this can be a really scary place.

For this talk I’m going to take you to the other side of this problem. How do we build software to empower users to be more secure? Working on the UX team we strive to help our users know exactly what is happening and where they’re being attacked. To do this we need to filter out a huge amount of noise and help them pinpoint the exact moment of attack, and even better what they need to do next.