Petabyte-scale fast analytics with Druid. How the AdTech world combined a search engine and a columnar datastore.

17:20-17:50, Lecture Room 3

Come and find out about some of the technology the advertising industry uses to understand its audience.

Learn about the mechanisms that result in you seeing an ad for that George Foreman grill across the internet after you clicked on it by accident.

I’ll present a deep dive into Druid, an open source, high-performance, column-oriented datastore. We’ll talk about how it stores data and the optimisations that take place that allow it to answer questions on billions (and billions) of rows of data in less than a second.

I’ll also be talking about approximate algorithms and the architecture that allows Druid to scale to meet modern companies’ needs.

Then find out about the open source community that’s formed around Druid and how you can contribute.