Thinking outside the Blocks

11:10-11:40, Lecture Room 1

This talk will give a brief intro to Blockchain and delve into more detail on a number of the different Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology stacks available and the use cases they are suited to. From the many options available a few years back, funnelling down to a few main players; we will explain how we continue to match use case requirements to blockchain fabric criteria.

Through the lenses of our own experience in developing production applications across many industries, we’ll discuss how emerging technologies like Blockchain can be adopted by engineering teams to code, build and deploy using standard engineering practices.

By breaking through the hype and mistruth barrier, the audience will learn more about the main Blockchain and DLT stacks and their strengths and weaknesses. You will gain a better understanding of some of the key criteria useful in evaluating these offerings, the use case requirements they can solve and how engineers can adopt them.