Lightning Strikes Twice

15:10-15:40, Conference Room 1

Due to our original speaker being unfortunately unable to attend, two of our Lightning speakers, Vicky Potts and Jason Lawson, have very kindly agreed to deliver their talks in this slot instead.

Jason’s talk is “Using Analogies: A common language for diverse teams”:

Agile development has led to increased communication and collaboration within more diverse teams. With that positive shift comes plenty of opportunity for misinterpretation, misunderstanding and stressed relationships.

Analogies are a great tool for communicating complex ideas & concepts in a way that everyone can understand their value. They can even be fun and entertaining.

I will discuss how analogies can help with communication, dissonance and engagement by illustrating some I have used, including one for the often-fraught subject of Refactoring. Find out how refactoring isn’t just for code development, it also ensures you get a great meal at your favourite restaurant.

Vicky’s talk is “NI Game Dev Scene”:

Hi there! I did a talk on ‘Student to Startup’ last year. I’d like to do my ‘I’ve levelled up a wee bit’ talk - which is about the NI Game Dev scene in Northern Ireland and the tools that we use, for those who may not even know such a scene exists.

The talk will roughly cover the following:

The Job of a Games Developer, Training & Skills Needed, What Do Games Companies Look For, What Development Software is Useful, Journey to Whitepot, The NI Games Development Industry.