Raising The Roof with Browser Audio Visualisation

16:40-17:10, Lecture Room 1

When I was a kid, I had a vision. The room was ablaze in digital light, pulsing to the beat and dancing under my fingertips, while the crowd roared and raised their hands in the air. Forced to choose between being cool and being a nerd, however, I chose the latter.

It’s been hard to live with this unfulfilled dream of audiovisual nirvana. To exorcise my demons, I must concoct a potent mix of web technologies - including JavaScript, CSS, Canvas, Web Audio and MIDI - in the hope of finally realising my techno-utopian 90s fantasies, right inside the browser.

Pack your party bags* and join me to learn about creative web APIs, realtime graphics, music visualisation, and browser performance techniques, all wrapped up in an acid house/rave spin on retro aesthetics. You’ll learn a lot, have a good time, and we’ll all be friends forever (maybe).

  • Partying not guaranteed.