The Rookie's Survival Guide

11:10-11:40, Raked Lecture Theatre

Much like leaving secondary school for university, leaving university for work flips the table on your life, resetting the playing field. The high of finishing off a long torrid slog through classes, projects and dissertations, is quickly dashed as the realisation hits - you’ve become the rookie once more in the new world of work.

In this talk I will look at my experience in development since my leaving University just over 2 years ago. The journey from Uni to the workplace and the challenges I have had to face in that time.

Hear the birth and death of a start up, the trials and tribulations of overcoming my rational and irrational fears that come with kicking off a career as a developer and ultimately embracing the culture of a team.

Come listen to my story and see how I survived, learned how and when to ask for help and embraced meet-ups and Berocca (although not in that order :D ).