Sales - The Last Silo (Or Why Sales & Techies need to Talk!)

First there was DevOps, now there’s DevSecOps. But, we can all agree that we probably won’t see DevSecOpsSales anytime soon. As an experienced IT Sales professional, I am constantly left wondering how sales and techies can communicate better.

This is a humorous attempt to deconstruct some of the stereotypes and start that conversation. With an overview of how sales has evolved from the 70’s when sales guys were rewarded for behaving badly, to a world where we have multiple sales methodologies, the concept of social selling and increased transparency of processes. In between, the techie has become king!

This talk is aimed at those working in SMEs and Enterprises where the developer, ops and sales teams are not only silo’ed, but may all be on separate continents. This is an honest overview of how two tribes with one goal can work better together - towards getting people to use the tech we are involved in.