I'm Not Trying To Be Mean, But It's Okay To Be Average

The tech industry is hellbent on making everyone into being the very best they can be: rockstars, 10x engineers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders are what we’re told to aspire to be.

The problem is that we can’t all be the best, and this industry’s determination to push us all of us to be the best means that there are an awful lot of people out there who feel like they’re not living up to expectations.

This talk is about telling people that it’s okay to be average because, statistically speaking, someone has to be. It’s about telling people that you don’t have to climb the entirety of the career ladder in 5 years, that you don’t have to go to Top Gun if you don’t want to, and that if you want to just go to meet ups and listen rather than present, then that’s okay too.

This talk will not be amazing. It might not even be good. Average is okay.